LinuX MultiMedia Project - FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why another multimedia project ?

    1. Well, the only project with similar goals is Gnome streamer. When I started the project I didn't know about the existence of gstreamer.
      There are many players for linux ( xine, MPlayer, oms, ... many more ), but they are ONLY players and do NOT have a concepts for a multimedia framework. And I really think there is need for a complete framework. Some of these player are stealing code from others, but the fact is that each project maintains it's codebase mostly independent. Many people doing great work, but still no great media player for linux. This is a sad, stupid situation. ( You are right, XMMP does not help to make the situation better, but I think modifying an existent player to become a framework would not work )
  2. Does xmmp intend to be the underlying framework (in the form of the xmmp library) for xmms and xmps (for example) ? Is it a goal for xmmp to become THE middleware layer unifying multimedia under Unix ?

    1. Unifying multimedia is the main goal of this project. We are trying to provide a good, easy-to-use and fast interface.
    2. We concentrate on Linux, however there should be no problem porting it. WINE support can only be used on ix86 systems...
    3. Sure, players like xmms could easily be built on top of the LinuX MultiMedia Project. This ist a consequence of 1.1
  3. Is XMMP capable of playing Windows Media Player files ?

    1. Yes. AVIs with codecs not available as native source code, can be played using the w32 DLLs. This is only possible on ix86 system.
      We hope some codec creators will provide their codecs for Linux as well.
  4. The player looks similar to XMMS / WinAmp. Why ?

    1. No special reason. Because of the nice UI. However, LinuX Media Player doesn't have some of the restrictions. e.g. Widgets ( buttons, sliders, ... ) do not have fixed positions.
  5. What is the fundamental difference between xmmp and, say, xmms ?

    1. A user send me an email with a quiete good answer:

      I for one believe Linux is in need for ONE really great multimedia player... The way it is now a person needs at least three players to get most of the codecs:

      Xmovie = mpg, vob
      Xanim = mov, qt plus others
      Aviplay = DivX avi, asx, asf
      I also use MTV to play cd's .dat files
      Xmms = mp3

      LinuX MultiMedia Project intends to change this situation. Not only by providing a good player, but providing a complete framework for multimedia.

  6. Your soft replaced my working "mplayer".
    I couldn t find a link for the original "mplayer" on your web page.

    1. Well. If speaking of original 'mplayer' this is the original 'mplayer'. 'mplayer' is the XMMP Media Player binary. I'm using this filename since the first release.
      When I released it, A'rpi contacted me and the binaries of his player were 'avip' and 'mpgp'. I have no idea why he named the merged player 'mplayer', knowing I'm using this name.