LinuX MultiMedia Project - News / Announcements
Mon, Apr 15 2002: v0.6.1.1 [build-fix] released ( kleer at )
Bugfix release: There where some Makefile issues that made the package only compile on my system. These were fixed.

  • libid3tag added
  • proper directories in some Makefiles
A patch is available...

Sun, Apr 14 2002: v0.6.1 [unstable] released ( kleer at )

General ( improvements ):

  • improved A/V sync ( still far from perfect )
  • audio format and audio codec conversion
Plugins ( added ):
  • Input
    AIFF, ASF, AU, improved AVI, MPEG Audio, Picture/PicList, VOC
  • Graph Output
    X11 - Screensaver/DPMI support, improved fullscreen
  • Sound Output
  • Codecs ( Audio )
    CCITT G.711/G.721/G.723/G.726, IEEE floating point, MAD ( optional for MPEG audio ), W32 DirectShow codecs
  • Codecs ( Audio )
    RGB ( uncompressed raw data ), W32 DirectShow codecs
...and many internal changes.

Mon, Oct 22 2001: v0.6.0 released ( kleer at )

Finally ( after almost 10 months ) a new version is available.
Much of the code was rewritten, and it should be stable ( I hope ).

  • Input: WAVE, Ogg/Voribs, MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 1/2/3, CD Digital Audio, MikMod ( tracker modules formats ), AVI
  • Graph Output: X11, SDL, Svgalib ( X11 and SDL support hardware accelaration for NVidia cards )
  • Sound Output: OSS, ALSA, WAVE, Ogg/Vorbis, MPEG Audio Layer 3
  • Codecs ( Audio ): AC3, MP3, PCM, GSM 6.10, Win32 ACM codecs
  • Codecs ( Video ): DivX 4.0, OpenDivX, RGB, Win32 VFW codecs
Fullscreen mode is supported for all hardware, however it may be slow, if no hardware support is present.

LinuX MultiMedia Project was split into two packages.

  • core package ( with command line player )
  • LinuX Media Player package ( Gtk+ skinned player, buggy )

Get it as usual at

Sat, Feb 24 2001: v0.6.0-pre3 released ( kleer at )

v0.6.0-pre3 available.
Only a small change in the graph system design. ( No need for users to upgrade, unless you are using v0.6.0-pre1 )

Tue, Feb 13 2001: v0.6.0-pre2 released ( kleer at )

2nd pre-release uploaded...

  • All Plugins from the 0.5.x releases are included...
  • mpg123 plugin with better resync
  • Ogg / Vorbis plugin now works perfect
  • Improvements to the Graphic subsystem
    • stride added
    • Y-Flip added
    • now makes use of the position ( dx, dy ) and size ( width, height ) arguments
    • Stretching in all modes supported
    • SVGAlib plugin added

For details, check out README.1st in the source package... Don't expect any new releases until April.

If anybody is interested in contributing to this project, contact xmmp at

Fri, Jan 26 2001: v0.6.0-pre1 released ( kleer at )

v0.6.0-pre1 is only useful to developers. ( It contains only AVI and WAVE input )
The other input plugins have not been ported yet to the new interface...

Sat, Jan 6 2001: v0.5.1 released ( kleer at )
Hello there,

v0.5.1 is available.

New features:

  • Input: CD Digital Audio Plugin added
  • Input: Ogg/Vorbis Plugin added
  • Codec: AC3 audio codec added
  • Codec: RGB video codec added
  • Graph: SVGA lib Output Plugin added
  • Sound: MP3 Output Plugin added
  • Sound: Ogg/Vorbis Output Plugin added
  • I/O Layer added: File and HTTP
  • Perfectly working MPEG Audio Layer 2/3 Codec

Wed, Nov 22 2000: v0.5.0.1 released ( kleer at )

there was a problem building the mpeg3 plugin on some systems ( kernels without dvd support in linux/cdrom.h ).
If you had problems building it, you can download the patch.

Sun, Nov 19 2000: v0.5.0 released ( kleer at )
The first release of the X MultiMedia Project is available.